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Islington Branch Book Club - Past Titles: "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion

Take a look through previous titles we've discussed at our Islington Branch Book Club

"The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion

  1. Character Analysis: Discuss the character of Don Tillman. How does the author portray Don's traits of logic, routine, and social awkwardness? How does Don's perspective on the world influence the events of the novel?

  2. Romantic Relationships: Explore the development of Don and Rosie's relationship throughout the novel. How do their differences complement each other, and what challenges do they face as a couple?

  3. Neurodiversity: Don Tillman is often interpreted as a character with characteristics of autism or Asperger's syndrome. How does the novel depict neurodiversity, and what does it teach readers about empathy and understanding?

  4. The Wife Project: Don creates a scientific questionnaire to find the perfect wife, but his criteria evolve as he gets to know Rosie. Discuss the concept of the "perfect partner" and how it differs from person to person.

  5. Gender Roles: How does "The Rosie Project" challenge traditional gender roles and expectations in relationships? How do characters like Don and Rosie defy stereotypes, and what does this say about societal norms?

  6. Friendship: Analyze Don's friendships with Gene and Claudia. How do these relationships differ from his romantic relationship with Rosie, and what do they reveal about Don's capacity for connection?

  7. Humor and Tone: "The Rosie Project" is known for its humor and light-hearted tone. Discuss the role of humor in the novel and how it enhances the storytelling.

  8. Self-Discovery: Both Don and Rosie undergo significant personal growth throughout the novel. How do they challenge and change each other's perspectives on life and relationships?

  9. Communication: Communication (or lack thereof) plays a significant role in Don and Rosie's relationship. How do they navigate misunderstandings and miscommunications, and what do they learn about effective communication?

  10. Identity: Don struggles with his own identity and self-acceptance. How does he come to terms with his quirks and differences, and what does this journey teach readers about self-acceptance?

  11. Parenting: Rosie's search for her biological father is a central plot point in the novel. Discuss the themes of parenthood, family, and identity as they relate to Rosie's quest to uncover her father's identity.

  12. Happy Endings: "The Rosie Project" concludes with a satisfying and heartwarming resolution. What are your thoughts on the novel's ending, and do you think it provides a realistic portrayal of love and relationships?

Early Life and Education: Graeme Simsion was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He later moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he attended the University of Melbourne. Simsion earned his Bachelor's degree in Data Processing in 1977 and went on to complete a Master's degree in Information Systems in 1982.

Career in IT: After completing his education, Simsion worked in the information technology (IT) industry for over 30 years. He held various roles in consulting, project management, and software development, primarily focusing on the development and implementation of data management systems.

Transition to Writing: Despite his successful career in IT, Simsion harbored a passion for writing from a young age. In his forties, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time writer. He began writing screenplays, plays, and novels while still working in the IT industry.

Literary Career: Graeme Simsion made his literary debut with the publication of "The Rosie Project" in 2013. The novel, which follows the story of Don Tillman, a socially awkward genetics professor who embarks on a quest to find a wife, became an international bestseller. It received widespread acclaim for its humor, warmth, and unique portrayal of neurodiversity.

"The Rosie Project" was followed by two sequels: "The Rosie Effect" (2014) and "The Rosie Result" (2019), both of which continue the story of Don Tillman and his wife, Rosie Jarman.

In addition to the Rosie series, Simsion has written other novels, including "The Best of Adam Sharp" (2016), a romantic comedy exploring themes of love and regret.

Other Work: Apart from his novels, Graeme Simsion has written screenplays and plays. He co-wrote the screenplay adaptation of "The Rosie Project," which is currently in development as a film. Simsion has also written stage plays that have been performed in Australia.

Personal Life: Graeme Simsion currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife, Anne Buist, who is also an author and psychiatrist. The couple has two children. Simsion continues to write novels, screenplays, and plays, and he is actively involved in the literary community.

Graeme Simsion's work is characterized by its humor, wit, and exploration of human relationships. He has become a prominent figure in contemporary Australian literature, known for his engaging storytelling and memorable characters.


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