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Islington Branch Book Club - Past Titles: "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins

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"American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins

  1. Ethical Considerations:

    • "American Dirt" has been the subject of controversy regarding cultural appropriation and the author's representation of Mexican characters and their experiences. How do you think these controversies affect readers' perceptions of the novel? How important is it for authors to accurately represent cultures and experiences that are not their own?
  2. Character Development:

    • Analyze the character development of Lydia and Luca as they navigate their journey from Mexico to the United States. How do they change and grow throughout the novel? What challenges do they face, and how do they overcome them?
  3. Themes of Migration and Immigration:

    • "American Dirt" portrays the challenges and dangers faced by migrants traveling to the United States. Discuss the themes of migration, immigration, and the pursuit of the American Dream as depicted in the novel. How does Cummins humanize the experiences of migrants and shed light on the complexities of their journeys?
  4. Representation of Mexican Culture:

    • Explore the representation of Mexican culture and society in the novel. How does Cummins depict Mexican traditions, customs, and social dynamics? Consider how these representations contribute to the authenticity of the story.
  5. The Role of Family:

    • Family bonds play a central role in "American Dirt," particularly the relationship between Lydia and Luca. Discuss the importance of family and motherhood in the novel. How do Lydia's actions reflect her commitment to protecting her son?
  6. Social Commentary:

    • "American Dirt" offers social commentary on issues such as violence, corruption, and inequality in Mexico. Reflect on how the novel portrays these issues and how they impact the characters' lives and decisions.
  7. Critique of the Immigration System:

    • The novel highlights the flaws and challenges of the immigration system in the United States. Discuss the portrayal of the immigration process, detention centers, and asylum-seeking in the novel. How does Cummins shed light on the complexities and injustices of the system?
  8. Cultural Sensitivity and Authenticity:

    • Consider the cultural sensitivity and authenticity of the novel's portrayal of Mexican characters and their experiences. How effectively does Cummins capture the diversity and complexity of Mexican culture and society?
  9. Reader Response and Empathy:

    • Reflect on your own emotional response to "American Dirt." How did the novel affect you emotionally? Did it deepen your empathy and understanding of the experiences of migrants and refugees?
  10. Narrative Style and Structure:

    • Analyze Cummins' narrative style and structure in "American Dirt." How does she use language, imagery, and pacing to engage readers and evoke empathy for the characters?
  11. Impact of Controversy:

    • Consider how the controversy surrounding "American Dirt" may have influenced your reading experience and interpretation of the novel. How does awareness of the controversy shape readers' engagement with the text?
  12. Relevance to Contemporary Issues:

    • Discuss the relevance of the themes and issues explored in "American Dirt" to contemporary debates and challenges surrounding immigration, refugee rights, and border policies in the United States and around the world.

Jeanine Cummins was born and raised in Rota, Spain, to an American father and an Italian mother. She spent her childhood living in various countries due to her father's work as a Navy officer, including Germany, Italy, and the United States.

Cummins studied English and communications at Towson University in Maryland, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. She later attended the University of Baltimore, where she received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in creative writing.

Cummins began her writing career as a memoirist, publishing her memoir "A Rip in Heaven" in 2004. The memoir recounts the tragic events surrounding the rape and murder of two of her cousins in Missouri in 1991 and the impact of the crime on her family.

In 2007, Cummins published her debut novel, "The Outside Boy," which tells the story of a young boy growing up in a traveling community in Ireland in the 1950s. The novel received positive reviews for its vivid portrayal of Irish culture and traditions.

Cummins gained widespread acclaim with her novel "American Dirt," published in 2020. The novel follows the journey of a mother and son fleeing violence in Mexico and attempting to cross the border into the United States. "American Dirt" became a bestseller and sparked controversy and debates surrounding issues of cultural appropriation and representation in literature.

Despite the controversy, "American Dirt" received praise for its gripping storytelling and portrayal of the migrant experience. The novel was selected for Oprah's Book Club and received widespread attention in the media.

In addition to her novels, Cummins has written essays and articles for various publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and Salon. She is known for her advocacy on issues related to immigration and social justice.

Cummins currently lives in New York with her husband and two children. She continues to write and is working on her next novel.


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