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Islington Branch Book Club - Past Titles: "This Time Tomorrow" by Emma Straub

Take a look through previous titles we've discussed at our Islington Branch Book Club

"This Time Tomorrow" by Emma Straub

  1. Family Dynamics: How does the story portray the relationships between siblings? How do these dynamics change or evolve over time, particularly in the face of loss?

  2. Time and Memory: The story explores the idea of memory and the passage of time. How do the characters grapple with their memories of the past, and how do these memories influence their present lives?

  3. Grief and Loss: How does the story depict the process of grieving? How do the characters cope with the loss of their father, and how does this loss affect their individual paths in life?

  4. Setting and Atmosphere: Discuss the significance of the story's setting, particularly the beach house. How does the setting contribute to the atmosphere and mood of the story?

  5. Character Development: Analyze the development of the main character(s) throughout the story. How do they change or grow, and what influences these changes?

  6. Themes of Identity: How do the characters grapple with questions of identity and belonging? In what ways do they define themselves in relation to their family, their past, and their aspirations for the future?

  7. Symbolism: Explore any symbolic elements present in the story, such as objects, locations, or recurring motifs. What do these symbols represent, and how do they enhance the story's themes?

  8. Narrative Structure: Consider the story's structure and narrative style. How does the author use point of view, dialogue, and pacing to convey the story's themes and emotional resonance?

  9. Interpersonal Relationships: Examine the various relationships depicted in the story, such as those between siblings, spouses, and parent-child. How do these relationships shape the characters' experiences and decisions?

  10. Resolution and Closure: Reflect on the story's ending and the sense of closure it provides (or doesn't provide) for the characters and their narratives. What themes or messages does the resolution convey?

Early Life and Education: Emma Straub was born on January 16, 1980, in New York City, USA. She grew up in Brooklyn and spent much of her childhood surrounded by literature. Her father, Peter Straub, is a well-known novelist, which likely influenced her early interest in writing.

Straub attended Oberlin College in Ohio, where she studied English and Creative Writing. During her time at Oberlin, she honed her craft as a writer and began to explore various forms of storytelling.

Career: After graduating from Oberlin, Straub moved back to New York City and immersed herself in the literary scene. She worked in various bookstores and publishing jobs while pursuing her writing career. Her early short stories were published in esteemed literary journals such as "Tin House" and "Glimmer Train."

In 2010, Straub published her debut novel, "Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures." The novel tells the story of a young woman who rises to fame in Hollywood during the Golden Age of cinema. It received critical acclaim for its vivid portrayal of Hollywood and its exploration of identity and ambition.

Straub's subsequent novels include "The Vacationers" (2014), a witty and insightful exploration of family dynamics set against the backdrop of a vacation in Mallorca, Spain, and "Modern Lovers" (2016), which follows a group of former college friends navigating middle age and parenthood in Brooklyn.

In addition to her novels, Straub has also edited several anthologies, including "The Best American Short Stories 2013" and "Other People We Married" (2011), a collection of short stories.

Personal Life: Emma Straub resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, the graphic designer and illustrator Michael Fusco, and their two sons. She is an active presence on social media and often shares insights into her writing process and personal interests with her readers.

Legacy: Emma Straub has established herself as a prominent voice in contemporary literature, known for her sharp wit, keen observations, and richly drawn characters. Her work resonates with readers for its authenticity and emotional depth, making her a celebrated figure in the literary world.


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