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Bloom Zoom: Home

A series of floral and gardening programming designed to support interest, foster continuing education and entertain patrons with fun and instructional hands on learning.

Welcome to Bloom Zoom


LibGuide Tab Chapters

LibGuide Tab Chapters

  • Overview
  • Bloom Zoom program Videos
  • Gardening with Suzie Videos
  • Gardening & Floral Books
  • Floral and Gardening Resources

Zoom Bloom Overview

Welcome to the Westwood Public Library's 

LibGuide to Bloom Zoom


Bloom Zoom is a floral and gardening programming series created to support interest, encourage continuing education and entertain patrons with hands on horticultural learning.  The series will take you through interests concerning outdoor planting and maintenance, seedling cultivation, floral crafting and arranging, flower fun facts and MORE!  Within this LibGuide, you will find:


*Previous Programming Videos

*"Gardening with Suzie" Videos

*Suggested Gardening and Floral Book Titles 

*Other Gardening and Floral Resources


Explore the multifaceted benefits and joys of gardening year round in the botanical world of Bloom Zoom!



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