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Poetry Reads: Overview

April is National Poetry Month! Open your horizons to the world of Poetry!

Poetry Reads


U.S. Poet Laureates

Poetry Prize Winners

Poets Around the World: Take a walk down the aisles of the 800’s. 

American poets: 811

English poets: 821

German poets: 831

French poets: 841

Italian poets: 851

Spanish poets: 861

Latin poets: 871

Classical Greek poets: 881

Slavic poets: 891.7 and 891.8

Hebrew poets: 892.4

Chinese poets: 895.1

Japanese poets: 895.6

Korean poets: 895.7

African poets: 896

Native North and South American poets: 897 & 898

Poetry Online

The Internet is an amazing resource for connecting with the world of poetry - with the poems themselves, with the people who love to read poetry and the writers of poetry.  Connections that used to be impossible or took lifetimes to make, can now be found in a few clicks.  Check out these amazing sites to connect with other poetry lovers:

Paul Revere's Ride

Westwood resident Charles Donahue reads Paul Revere's Ride and gives a lesson on the history of the poem!

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