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Mystery Book Club - Past Titles: Feb. 2023

Titles from the Mystery Book Club at the Islington Branch *No longer an active club*

"A Botanist's Guide to Parties & Poisons" by Kate Khavari

  1. How was the murder written? Was it credible or creative? How about shocking or memorable?
  2. How effective is the author's use of plot twists and red herrings? 
  3. Were you able to predict certain things before they happened, or did the author keep you guessing until the end of the story? 
  4. Did you find that the novel held your interest throughout the story, or were there times when it failed to totally engross you?
  5. How important is the setting to the story? 
  6. Does being set in the 1920s change the story? 
  7. Does being set in London change the story?
  8. Does the author provide enough background information for you to understand the events in the story?
  9. Is the author equally invested in both character and plot? Or did the author put more effort into developing the story than in creating compelling and believable characters?
  10. Were the motivations of the characters believable, or did their actions feel like a means to further the plot?
  11. Who was your favorite character?
  12. Agatha Christie wrote in her autobiography about her dislike of mysteries having a romantic subplot. Do you agree or disagree with her views? 
  13. Do you feel the love aspect enhanced or detracted from the story?
  14. Was this book suspenseful? Did you find yourself becoming anxious as you read it; quickly turning pages to find out what happens next? At what point could you not put the book down?
  15. Did you solve the mystery and identify the murderer before the big reveal in the end?
  16. What did you like or dislike about the book that has yet to be discussed? Were you glad you read this book? 
  • The author of fiction ranging from historical mysteries to high fantasy epics
  • A former teacher, Kate has a deep appreciation for research and creativity, not to mention the multitasking ability she now relies on as an author and stay at home mother
  • Lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas
  • Written for Crime Reads

  • Other writings:

  • "I write as I read: a mixture of mystery, fantasy, and a touch of romance. No matter the genre, I love researching and developing the little details that make a story come alive.” (K. Khavari)

  • "I got into writing because I love reading. I began writing my Saffron Evereigh series because I had just found Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, the books and the TV show, and loved them so fiercely that I had to read more mysteries from the era. I grew up watching Poirot, so I was already familiar with the general time period. I binge read for about a year, reading Miss Fisher, Daisy Dalrymple, Lady Emily, and Maggie Hope. But none of them had exactly what I wanted, so I decided to write my own. Since I had been reading all these historical mysteries, it was clear to me that that would be what I wrote.” (The Book Delight)


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